Bottle Shock!

So, the kids are in bed, and now you’re wondering what to do tonight?

J. and I just watched Bottle Shock, after some friends of ours suggested we might enjoy it.  It’s the story of how Napa Valley came to prominence in the late 1970s in the wine business, focusing on a few of the players involved and a well-known wine tasting that took place in Paris that catapulted California wines into the standing it now holds.  It’s fiction, based on actual events, with some liberties taken with actual events and characters.

Having said that, though, it’s a fun movie, lacking special effects or extraneous nudity or discomfiting scenes that make you wish you were anywhere but right there at that point because gosh that was embarrassing to witness.

I’m not saying that it’s a great film – there were times when I wasn’t quite sure where the focus was supposed to be. The film meanders at times and gets caught up in some of the characters in such a way that left me a bit foggy as to the point of the story, but with the great cast it has who can blame them?  (It stars Alan Rickman, Dennis Farina, Bill Pullman, Freddy Rodriguez – you remember him from Six Feet Under -, Rachael Hunter, and Captain Kirk himself: Chris Pine!)

Still, it makes for a very good date night at home.  Order it up on Netflix, open a bottle of wine or two – we were tasting a Joel Gott 2006 and a Hoopla 2006 – from Napa! – both very nice.  I don’t know a lot about wine, but I enjoyed my three glasses of it and I certainly had a nice time watching film that stars and focuses on adults.  It’s so rare nowadays!


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