Practicing Diversity?


My school, like pretty much all educational institutions, is a place where “diversity and service to others is valued and practiced.”   It’s great that these elements are valued at this school and others: I believe they have much to offer in terms of broadening students’ educational experiences and enriching faculty and staff members’ work environment.

And I can see readily how service to others is practiced, both on campus and off, by a number of students, and hopefully by our staff and faculty as well.  This is a great thing for our community, and especially for our students, who I know learn so much through their service learning courses.

But in coming back to that phrase in our mission, I am left with a bit of a conundrum, because I am not exactly sure how diversity is practiced.  I’m not sure what it means, let alone what it looks like, when diversity is practiced.

Still, I’ve come think that I need to spend some time thinking about this topic.  I want to consider how diversity might be practiced, and in the end I want my students to not only consider this question but to go on to actually engage diversity in their practice (and practicing).

I’ll be working on this topic in the upcoming weeks, I suspect.  In the meanwhile, I’d appreciate hearing any thoughts you may have on what it means to practice diversity.


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  1. The first question for me is this: “What do we mean by diversity?”

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