Questions, Probably to Remain Unanswered


As we head into the last episode of the third season of Mad Men, a few things I’m curious about:

Will we hear any more of Sal this season (or any other season)?  He was a central element of the first episode of the season – will he return for the last?

Now that Joan’s husband seems to have plotted out a future he can manage (and one where it’s not hard for us to imagine things not going so smoothly as he imagines: Vietnam), what will become of the redhead?  Will Roger set her up in a different job?  Will their relationship remain merely platonic?  They clearly seem like equals, and certainly the two actors have great chemistry together.  Will things turn sexual between these two again?

Peggy and Duck.  Was Duck’s immediate thought of his children, after hearing of Kennedy’s assassination the signal that this relationship is done?  At least romantically?  God I hope so.   But I don’t mind the possibility of Peggy looking elsewhere for work…

Which leads to Pete – will this episode take him out of Sterling Cooper?  Will he go elsewhere, with his clients?  Will Peggy join him?  Or will these two stay put?  Let’s not forget that Sterling Cooper is for sale – is it possible that the firm buys itself back?

Yeah, yeah, Don and Betty.  I’m more interested in Don at work.  What will happen with this?  What will Don’s work situation be?  He has a contract at Sterling Cooper, but the firm is for sale.  What’s the future hold for him there?  Will any more come of this weird Conrad Hilton storyline?  Will he “make up” with Roger?  I thought Don looked admiringly at Roger during Roger’s wedding toast – which was excellent, by the way – and wondered if there was a possible thawing out between the two on the cusp.

And sure, the marriage.  I have some interest there.  But I’m more fascinated to see what will come of the children in this episode and beyond.  There was a lot of attention paid to Sally Draper this season – is there any more drama to come?  Bobby started to emerge as well.  I’m curious to see if they will play a part in this last episode.

Betty is an interesting character, for sure.  But her current love interest, Henry Francis, seems pretty flat and I can’t figure out why he says he loves Betty – based on what?  Or why she would be attracted to him.  BORING.

My sense is that the episode will delve deep into Don’s past – the show does this as a touchstone in each season, and we’ve had a touch of it this year, as Don has dealt with issues of fatherhood and self-esteem stemming from his own upbringing.  (And then there’s Betty discovering the whole thing…)  The question for us is what the look into Don’s past will say about the present, about 1963, and about what will come for Don, his family, and the gang at Sterling Cooper.