Maybe the Worst Video of All Time

What you are about to see is more than a travesty.  It’s stunning, really, just how bad it is.  Perhaps you rememberThe Beautiful South, who had a not-bad debut album, “Welcome to the Beautiful South,” in the late 1980s.  This band, you may recall, was an offshoot of The Housemartins, a band that never really broke big in the early to mid-80s. The first single from The Beautiful South that I heard, “Song for Whoever” is wonderfully cutting and clever in its imagining of relationships as fodder for pop songs.  The next song I heard, “You Keep It All In,” is great 80s-version Britpop – irresistible hooks, smart lyrics that come with a twist and a kick, and the rhythm section of The English Beat.  I love the interplay of the female voice and the male one and the comedy built into the lyrics.  On the radio, this song kicks ass.

On video, it’s like this:

Wow.  Double wow.  There is so much that is wrong here – the sad attempt to create a narrative from the lyrics, the use of the penguin, the lead singer’s wardrobe choices, the synchronized arm movements, the total lack of spontaneity, the deep and clearly heartfelt attempt to impress that they are working as all one team.  It’s a disaster.

It’s a great song.  Once it’s in your head, you won’t forget it, but not in a bad way.  It’s just that – my God – I’m still trembling from what I just saw.


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