It Just Keeps on Flowing, It Don’t Worry About Where It’s Going

It’s a pretty gray day here, with some heavy clouds and some spots of rain, but I’m paying it no attention.  I’ve got a song in my head that just refuses to quit.  The opening lines of this song are pure gold and put me right in mind of what I’m thinking about in this moment, which is the birth of my youngest, who is seven years old today.

What’s not to love about this tune and this video from the early 1980s?  The crazy stage with its too tight space, the cowboy hat, the haircuts and tight t-shirts, the people on top with tambourines? Everything about this video, in my mind, is all good.

No snark from me today – this is just a fun outdoor concert by a really good band and a lot of appreciative fans.  I can easily imagine myself there, thinking, “I don’t care how hot it is today or the lines at the port-o-pottys, or the miserable beer that’s available and – my God! – how can they charge that much for this swill?”

If I’d have been there I’d have felt the same as the people in the video.  I probably would have been yelling, God bless the South!  The Allman Brothers were ALWAYS that good.

W., buddy, you’re the man – you’re my sunny day!


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